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Trans-Siberian moto tour is a real expedition into the centuries-old depths of Russian culture and history. It is a unique opportunity to ride the iron horse on the path of the discoverers of 10,000 km, 9 time zones, cross the invisible line between Europe and Asia. We will explore amazing places: the heart of the capital, Siberia, the Taiga, the magic Baikal and get to the mighty Pacific Ocean. This is a real adventure for the Braves in heart and spirit!



95% of asphalt road and 5% of dirt roads. We recommend you to prepare in advance for the trip, you will need advanced driving skills and experience of long journeys. We also recommend arriving in Moscow on the first day of the tour at lunch time, so that there is an opportunity to gain strength before a rich program.

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Transcontinental renewal – Great Siberian Way


  • Driving 10000 km, 9 time zones
  • Cross the Eurasian continent
  • To see the wealth of Russia
  • A journey that has no equal to itself
Itinerary - 25 Days (17 riding days / 8 rest days)

A: These days we have a lot to see and do. Upon arrival in Moscow, we organize a transfer, after a short rest, in the evening we meet the whole group to get acquainted with the expedition members, discuss the route and get acquainted with the briefing.
B: The next day we will dedicate the capital of Russia – Moscow. We will show you our favorite places and landmarks:

  • Let’s start with the business card of Moscow, and the entire country – Red Square and the Kremlin, which are the heart of Russia.
  • Moving mainly on foot we will visit one of the most picturesque streets of Old Arbat.
  • After a short rest we go down to the legendary Moscow Metropolitan, in many respects it can be compared to a museum underground.
  • Also on the first day you will see a lot of interesting places and get acquainted with the everyday life of Muscovites.


  • Diamond Fund of the Russian Federation
  • The Armory Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin
  • The State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Russia

Accommodation at the hotel in Moscow (Bagration Hotel 3*)

(Breakfast, – , – )

A: In the morning we check the readiness of vehicles and start east. On this day, we will seize part of the Golden Ring of Russia. We will move both on the highway and the secondary roads. On the way, we make technical stops for rest every 150 to 200 km. By lunchtime we will arrive in one of the most ancient cities: Vladimir. Vladimir is one of the most visited cities of the Golden Ring: here are some amazing monuments of Russian medieval white-stone architecture. First of all, this applies to the three attractions that UNESCO has listed in the World Heritage List: The Assumption Cathedral, Dmitrievsky Cathedral and the Golden Gate.

B: Towards evening we will arrive in the medieval city of Nizhny Novgorod, we will settle in the hotel, rest a little, slowly walk along the embankment of the Volga River, visit the local Kremlin and have dinner.

Accommodation at the hotel in Nizhny Novgorod (Azimut Hotel  3*)

(Breakfast, – , – )

A: Today we are heading to the republic of Tatarstan to the city of Kazan. On the way, we will get in to the national museum in the small town of Kozmodemyansk, it will be on the right bank of the Volga in the Republic of Mari El. This is a unique and distinctive place, which includes several objects: the art historical museum “Malaya Tretyakovka on the Volga”; museum of merchant life; an ethnographic open-air museum – a village where the life and life of the Mari (the indigenous inhabitants of this region) are fully recreated.

B: In the second half of the day we will arrive in Kazan – the “third” capital of Russia, having cheerfully celebrated its 1000th anniversary, modern and archaic at the same time. Perhaps, this is the most unpredictable city in the whole country, because here, as in a large cauldron (the literal translation of the name of the city Kazan – cauldron), not only the culture of the East and the West, but also religion, mentality, history. We will settle in the hotel, rest, have dinner with traditional Tatar dishes and go to get acquainted with this wonderful, unlike not one of the cities on the planet. We are waiting for the main attractions: The Kazan Kremlin, the architectural symbol – the tower Syuyumbike and the heavenly beauty of the Muslim temple – the Kul-Sharif mosque.

Accommodation at the hotel in Kazan (Tatarskaya Usadba 3*)

(Breakfast, – , – )

A: Certainly half a day is negligible to enjoy this hospitable city, but the road is waiting for us and today our way lies on the homeland of the designer of small arms Mikhail Kalashnikov. The picturesque roads of provincial Russia we reach the city of Izhevsk.

B: The capital of the Udmurt Republic, rewarded with such epithets as: “city of labor glory”, “armory capital” and “Ural Petersburg”. In this city, the legendary AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifles are manufactured. We will visit the weapons museum and shooting range, where you can test the machine in the case.

C: In the evening we have a homemade dinner in a cozy mini hotel.

Accommodation at the mini-hotel in Izhevsk (Ethnocomplex Bobrovaja Dolina)

(Breakfast, – , – )

A: Early in the morning a good breakfast we are heading for a long journey. Today we have to overcome 780 km. Our road will be brightening up by the forest landscapes of the Ural Mountains (in Russia this region is respectfully called the Gray Urals, since this mountain formation began more than 350 million years ago and is associated with the Riphean, but more often with the Hyperborean mountains), farmer fields and familiarity with the locals. And finally at the end of the day we will reach another Russian capital – the Ural capital city of Yekaterinburg. After a long road to remove the effect of movement, we will use the old Russian means of – vodka.

B: In the morning we sleep and restore our strength. And in the afternoon we are waiting for an exciting walk through the city, which was founded by the order of the Empress Catherine the Great (the most influential woman in the history of Russia) and named in her honor.

C: We will visit such important sights as the Temple-on-the-Blood – the largest temple in Yekaterinburg, which was built on the site of the execution of the last Emperor of All Russia, the King of Poland and the Grand Duke of Finland – Nicholas II; the central square of the city Square of 1905, this year it became the center of revolutionary events, this square of the fifth year (as local residents call it) also conveys the style and character of Ekaterinburg. Be sure to visit the stones themselves, where as natural samples of various minerals are placed the natural resources of the Urals, which in ancient times were composed of legends and were reflected in the fairy tale of the Queen of Copper Mountain. And the culmination of our day will be the visit of the border between Europe and Asia, where simultaneously you can be in two parts of the world.

Accommodation at the hotel in Ekaterinburg (Green Park Hotel 3*)

(Breakfast, – , – )

A: From today we are moving along the eastern part of Russia. First, we’ll get into the suburbs of Yekaterinburg, we’ll visit the place where the history of the Russian Empire was interrupted. Next, we are waiting for a small town Irbit, where the most popular motorcycles in Russia are produced “Ural”. You will experience an unforgettable experience, first we will visit the production itself and arrange a test drive. We lunch and start moving along the Siberian expanses along the Trans-Siberian Railway.

B: Towards evening we arrive in the first city founded in Siberia – Tyumen, founded by Russians in 1586 on the site of the first capital of the Siberian Khanate – the Tatar city of Chingi-Tura. This city is an important cultural and industrial center, the land of this region is rich in oil and gas. We are settled and leisurely we walk along the city; we will also visit Znamensky Cathedral.

Accommodation at the hotel in Tyumen (Hotel 41  3*)

(Breakfast, – , – )

A: In the morning we start the second largest city in Siberia Tyumen, it is also an important transport hub in the Trans-Siberian Railway. On the way we stop in picturesque places and the town of Ishim, which has preserved its historical appearance of the Siberian town.

B: In the evening, arriving in Omsk, we are traditionally settled in the hotel, rest and make a short walk around the city, with the name of which is associated with several significant in the world of art personalities, namely the artist Mikhail Vrubel and writer, the classic of world literature, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, who was exiled to the local prison camps in the 19th century.

Accommodation at the hotel in Omsk (AMAKS Hotel  3*)

(Breakfast, – , – )

A: We are rather quiet enough to move to the third largest city in Russia. Novosibirsk is the heart of Siberia. A huge, rapidly developing business, commercial and cultural center. In terms of growth, he overtook New York, Chicago and Tokyo, for which he was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

Accommodation at the hotel in Novosibirsk (Complex Domino 3*)

(Breakfast, – , – )

A: In the morning we will have a walk. Every traveler must visit the world’s largest open-air museum of railway equipment, where the locomotives of all times are in excellent condition, the exposition consists of more than 100 specimens. We will also visit the world’s longest metro bridge and the largest opera house in Russia. Novosibirsk is also the largest scientific center of the eastern part of Russia, and we will not be able to pass by the Novosibirsk academic town known to the whole world. In general, everything connected with Novosibirsk has a prefix “most”, do not be surprised because this is a real Siberian style!

B: Today is a short day for driving, but we are waiting for a pleasant acquaintance with the locals, typical representatives of the Siberian province in the town of Yurga and a real homemade dinner. We will stop at photographing picturesque landscapes and reaching the city of Kemerovo, we will live in a country club among a dense forest on the banks of the Tom River.

C: We continue to restore physical strength, we will walk a bit along Kemerovo, visit the museum of the coal industry, and in the evening we will have dinner in the fresh forest air.

Accommodation at the hotel in Kemerovo (Park-Hotel Graal 4*)

(Breakfast, – , – )

A: Moving into the depths of Siberia on the road, fewer and fewer cars. We are waiting for an extremely beautiful road, along the way we will meet the point of spontaneous trade, where local residents offer their products: from rare berries to skins of wild animals, including bears.

B: In the second half we will arrive in a large Siberian city, located at the intersection of the Trans-Siberian Railway and the river junction of one of the largest rivers in the world – the Yenisei. Krasnoyarsk is one of seven cities in Russia, honored to capture its landmark on banknotes (10 rubles), namely the chapel of Praskieva Pyatnitsa, the Yenisei Bridge (included in the UNESCO list of “best bridges of the world”) and the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station.

C: On the day of rest, we will surrender our motorcycles for technical service and go by car to the national park of Stolby, where we will enjoy the miraculous creations of nature and the great Taiga. Next, go to the hydroelectric power station, which is included in the 10 largest in the world. Upon arrival in the city, we will make a promenade along the main sights of the city and dine on national cuisine in one of the cozy restaurants.

Accommodation at the hotel in Krasnoyarsk. (Hotel Krasnoyarsk 3*)

(Breakfast, – , – )

A: We continue our epic Trans-Siberian motorcycle tour. Today, we mainly move through provincial towns and small villages. We’ll have a visit to a local resident for dinner in Taishet, which is always happy for real travelers.

B: After a long road we are waiting for an excellent Russian bath on the river bank in Tulun.

Accommodation at the recreation center in Tulun. (Kazachka IYA 3*)

(Breakfast, – , – )

A: Another march is a throw to the sign place of Russia – Lake Baikal. Few people have not heard about this miracle of nature. Lake Baikal is located on the border of the Irkutsk region and the Republic of Buryatia – in the center of the Asian continent. “Blue Eye of Siberia”, “Sacred Sea”, “Diamond of the Planet” – this is what Baikal is called. The deep-water lake keeps the largest world stock of fresh water, unique in composition. It is not only clean and transparent, but also contains so few mineral salts that it is equated to distilled. This region received the status of a reserve of planetary importance. By the number of rare plants that grow here only, it surpasses Madagascar and the Galapagos Islands.

B: Blessed rest! We will spend 2 days relaxing on Baikal. In these 2 days we will visit the local market, we will rise on the cable car to the observation platform, from which the adjacent water area is clearly visible, we go to the nerparium, where we get acquainted with the seal, the only species of freshwater seals that lives only in Lake Baikal. We will definitely take a train along the lake shore along the Circum-Baikal Railway – a monument of engineering construction of the beginning of the last century. On the saturation of engineering structures this road takes the first place not only in Russia, but also in the world. We will get acquainted with the indigenous inhabitants – Buryats, with their traditions and customs. And of course we will swim in the waters of the sacred sea.

Accommodation at the guest house in Listvyanka village. (Derevenka 2*)

(Breakfast, – , – )

A: Early in the morning we start and move along the shore of the mighty Baikal, on the way we will visit the Ivolginsky datsan – Buddhist monastery-datsan “Abode of the Wheel of Teaching, bringing happiness and full of joy.” In the afternoon we will reach the capital of the Republic of Buryatia in Ulan-Ude, which is translated from the Buryat language as a red noon. The population of Ulan-Ude is multinational and professes different religions. In this city there are a lot of Buddhists, shamans can be easily met on the street. Having settled in the hotel, we will enjoy traditional Buryat cuisine.

Accommodation at the hotel in Ulan-Ude. (Hotel Buryatia 3*)

(Breakfast, – , – )

A: The next five days we will spend on the road, we have to overcome 3,500 km. We are waiting for stunning views, do not know the boundaries and hospitable provincial cities. And the next city in which we will stop for the night is Chita. The city is a transit point for travelers on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

B: The next day, having overcome 780 km, we will spend the night in the workers’ village Yerofei Pavlovich.

C: After 560 km, we will reach the border with China, which divides the two countries in the Blagoveshchensk region, the Amur River. Blagoveshchensk is a border town that was built to protect and protect the borders of the Russian Empire in the 19th century. Local residents need just 20 minutes to have breakfast in the Chinese city of Heihe.

D: Waking up early in the morning we are heading for Khabarovsk. On this day we will pass 700 km, along the fascinating wild nature of the Far East of Russia, before which very few people manage to resist, especially in front of the reserved taiga with its fertile land. Moving in the direction of Khabarovsk, we will make several stops and be sure to seal ourselves near the obelisk “Moscow – Vladivostok”, which is a symbol of the Trans-Siberian route. Arriving in the city of Khabarovsk, we will settle in the hotel and go to dinner in one of the Asian restaurants. In Khabarovsk, the strong influence of the distinctive culture of the ancient east, which is preserved in culinary traditions, souvenirs and folk festivals.

Accommodation at the hotels in:

(Breakfast, – , – )

A: Dear heroic travelers, this is the last day that we will spend in the saddle! Today we reach the main point of our incredible journey – Vladivostok. One of the most remote outposts of the empire, the terminal point of the famous Transsib, the largest sea port and the Pacific fleet base of the country – Vladivostok has always had immense political and economic significance for Russia. A kind of terraced landscape and the location between the Amur and Ussuri Bay and the Golden Horn Bay allowed the famous traveler Nansen to compare it with Naples.

B: Next, we are waiting for day of well-deserved rest and we will start with a massage on the day of arrival. We’ll have a good night’s sleep, send our bikes for inspection, then we’ll head for Russky Island through the Bosporus East Passage on the cable-stayed bridge, which has the longest span in the world among its kind. Also on this day we will visit the Russian island. On the Russian island is one of the unique buildings in the history of Russian artillery. Coastal Tower Battery No. 981 them. Klima Voroshilova once defended the eastern maritime boundaries primarily from the Japanese lines, the last combat shot took place in 1992, and is now available for tourists and those who wish can make a shot with a blanket. We will visit the Russian Navy, where we will be able to see the nuclear submarines and the most dangerous combat submarine of the Second World War, C-56, which made a record crossing over three oceans and won a heroic victorious glory.

C: No decent traveler will miss the visit to the Tokarevskaya cat lighthouse – the extreme point of the continent, from which the Pacific begins, and if lucky, we will see spotted seals swam to the spit. But for us this is a special place – the destination of our expedition! We will make a solemn photo for an endless memory and eternal friendship and amicably go to the local restaurant where they serve excellent Far Eastern crabs, which are a real delicacy.

*Accommodation at the hotel in Vladivostok. (Azimut Hotel 4*)

(Breakfast, – , – )

Of course, it is impossible to talk about this phenomenal tour of the Trans-Siberian Way through Russia in several paragraphs, but that it can be certain that this is a real adventure that lasts a lifetime. Russia will always remain in your memory, as you are in ours.

See you soon!

DepartureRide your own bikeWith rent a bikeDetails
1.Group tour, June 01 - June 25, 2019 : Moscow → Vladivostok8240$12620$
CategoriesHotelBasic price per pers.Status
Your motorcycle and equipment2-4*8240$on sale
Our BMW F700GS, F800GS and equipment2-4*12620$on sale
2.Group tour, July 01 - July 25, 2019 : Vladivostok → Moscow8240$12620$
CategoriesHotelBasic price per pers.Status
Your motorcycle and equipment2-4*8240$on sale
Our BMW F700GS, F800GS and equipment2-4*12620$on sale
3.Group tour, July 01 - July 25, 2019 : Moscow → Vladivostok8240$12620$
CategoriesHotelBasic price per pers.Status
Your motorcycle and equipment2-4*8240$on sale
Our BMW F700GS, F800GS and equipment2-4*12620$on sale
4.Group tour, August 01 - August 25, 2019 : Vladivostok → Moscow8240$12620$
CategoriesHotelBasic price per pers.Status
Your motorcycle and equipment2-4*8240$on sale
Our BMW F700GS, F800GS and equipment2-4*12620$on sale
*The basic price is indicated for single room accommodation. Read more in the section Accommodation


  • For passenger 8240 USD;
  • Rent a BMW R1200 GS +950 USD;
  • Deposit: BMW F700GS, F800GS 1250 USD,  BMW R1200GS 1880 USD. When opening Rental agreement a certain amount of money will be frozen on your credit card by taking an authorization code. If you return a bike without any damages this sum will be returned to your account immediately;
  • We are ready to help you buy the tickets; if necessary, leave a comment in your request;
  • The sequence of visits to landmarks may vary;
  • No hidden fees.


  • Diamond Fund of the Russian Federation;
  • The Armory Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin;
  • The State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Russia.
Price include

• Transfer to/from the hotel
• Bike rent: BMW F700GS, F800GS, R1200GS
• Accommodation in 2-4* hotels
• Breakfasts
• Gasoline
• English speaking guide services
• Support VAN for big groups
• Bike insurance
• Tickets to the museums and parks
• Russian sauna
• Trans-Siberian Train Express

Price does not include

• Air tickets to/from Moscow or to/from Vladivostok
• Lunches and dinners
• Alcohol drinks
• Souvenirs
• Medical insurance (sports insurance for moto)
• Personal expenses

Terms of payment
Booking conditions

• When reserving a tour, 30% payment upfront is required
• The remaining 70% must be paid in 60 days before the start of the tour
• When booking 60 days before the start of the tour and later, the payment is 100%

• When reserving a tour, 30% payment upfront is required
• The remaining 70% must be paid in 30 days before the start of the tour
• When booking 30 days before the start of the tour and later, the payment is 100%

Cancellation terms

• When canceling a tour reservation for 45 days and later, 100% of the payment is deducted
• When canceling a tour reservation in the period from 90 days to 45 days before the start of the tour, 70% of the
payment amount
• If the reservation is canceled within 180 days to 90 days prior to the beginning of the tour, 50% of the payment
• If the tour is canceled prior to the beginning of 180 days, 0% of the payment amount

*Please read carefully section Terms & Conditions
Travel map
Facts about the Trans-Siberian Way

DAY 01-02 : Hotels in the city center of Moscow. Bagration Hotel 3 * (standard room, single)
DAY 03 : Hotel in Nizhny Novgorod. Azimut Hotel 3* (standard room, single)
DAY 04 : Hotel in the city center of Kazan. Tatarskaya Usadba 3* (standard room, single)
DAY 05 : Mini hotel in Izhevsk. Ethnocomplex Bobrovaja Dolina (standard room, single)
DAY 06-07 : The Hotel in Yekaterinburg. Green Park Hotel 3* (standard room, single)
DAY 08 : Hotel in Tyumen. Hotel 41 3* (standard room, single)
DAY 09 : Hotel in Omsk. AMAKS Hotel 3* (standard room, single)
DAY 10 : Hotel in Novosibirsk. Complex Domino 3* (standard room, single)
DAY 11 : Hotel in Kemerovo. Park-Hotel Graal 4* (standard room, single)
DAY 12-13 : Hotel in the city center of Krasnoyarsk. Hotel Krasnoyarsk 3* (standard room, single)
DAY 14 : Hotel in Tulun. Recreation center Kazachka IYA 3* (standard room, single)
DAY 15-17 : Hotel in Listvyanka village (Lake Baikal). Guest house Derevenka 2* (standard room, single)
DAY 18 : Hotel in Ulan-Ude. Hotel Buryatia 3* (standard room, single)
DAY 19 : Hotel in Chita. Monblan Hotel 3* (standard room, single)
DAY 20 : Guest house in Yerofey Pavlovich. Yerofey Pavlovich 2* (standard room, single)
DAY 21 : Hotel in Blagoveshchensk. Asia Hotel 4* (standard room, single)
DAY 22 : Hotel in Khabarovsk. Hotel Verba 4* (standard room, single)
DAY 23-25 : Hotel in Vladivostok. Azimut Hotel 4* (standard room, single)


  • If on the dates indicated there are no rooms in the declared hotels, then the hotels can be changed to a similar category or higher.
  • In the group tour, you have the opportunity for an additional fee to upgrade the category of rooms; if necessary, leave a comment in your request.

Hotel Bagration 3* with free Wi-Fi and a restaurant offers accommodation in Moscow, just 2.3 km from the GUM Shopping Center. Guests can enjoy a restaurant on site. Free private parking is possible on site. Each room has a flat-screen TV. Some rooms have a seating area for your convenience. In the room, you will find a kettle. The rooms have a private bathroom. For your convenience, you will find free toiletries and a hairdryer. There is a 24-hour front desk, room service, luggage storage and a gift shop.

The Kremlin, Red Square and the Bolshoi Theater are 2.6 km from the Bagration Hotel, and the All-Russian Exhibition Center is 11.3 km away. The nearest airport is Vnukovo International Airport, 24.1 km from Bagration Hotel.

Room category: standard (single or double), junior suite, family suite, apartments
Location: the center of Moscow, Khamovnichesky district. Near the metro station Kropotkinskaya and Park Kultury.
Address: Moscow, Sechenovsky lane, 7A


Azimut Hotel 3* offers a wide range of rooms, suites and apartments with rich carpets and furniture in a classic style. All rooms have private bathrooms with a hairdryer, and some offer magnificent views of the river.
A large buffet breakfast is served every morning at Azimut Café, as well as free newspapers. Restaurants serving traditional Russian and European cuisine are only a 5-minute walk away.
Trams run straight to the city center, including the Nizhny Novgorod Art Gallery and numerous majestic cathedrals.

Capacity: 105 rooms
Location: Nizhny Novgorod, with a panoramic view of the confluence of the Volga River and the Oka River
Address: Nizhny Novgorod, Zalomov St, 2


Hotel Complex Tatarskaya Usadba 3* is a combination of home comfort and historical architecture. The hotel is located on the shore of Lake Kaban in an architectural monument of the XIX century. The hotel is distinguished from other hotels by the availability of a whole range of diverse services, here guests can get acquainted with the history of the Tatars, with their traditions, crafts and, of course, cuisine.
The complex hosts master classes in pottery and cooking at a real wood-burning stove. Wi-Fi is available throughout the complex and free parking is available. Breakfast abounds with dishes of national cuisine.
Each room comes with a flat-screen TV. Certain units feature a sitting area to relax in after a busy day. The rooms include a private bathroom. Extras include free toiletries and a hairdryer.

Capacity: 60 rooms
Location: City Center Kazan
Address: Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Shigabutdin Mardjani st., 8


Etnoсomplex Bobrovaja Dolina featuring free WiFi and a restaurant. Free private parking is available on site. Accommodation in thematic, comfortable rooms with all amenities, includes breakfast. Each room is stylized as a rustic way of life. Some accommodations have a private bathroom with a sauna, and others have bathrobes and slippers. Certain rooms include a sitting area for your convenience. Certain rooms feature views of the river or garden. For your comfort, you will find free toiletries and a hairdryer.

Capacity: 12 rooms
Location: City Center Izhevsk
Address: Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk, Sverdlov Str. 4


Green Park Hotel 3* Located close to the Green Grove Park, the Green Park Hotel in Ekaterinburg provides views of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Domes. All rooms feature LCD TVs with satellite and cable TV.
Suites include satellite TV, a spa tub and luxurious bathroom amenities. The hotel includes has a restaurant, sauna and game room.
A buffet breakfast is included in the room rate. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.

Capacity: 94 rooms
Location: City Center Ekaterinburg
Address: Ekaterinburg, Narodnoi Voli Str., 24

HOTEL 41 3*

Hotel 41 3* It offers a 24-hour front desk, luggage storage and free Wi-Fi. Free private parking is available on site.
All rooms are equipped with a kettle, air conditioning and a flat-screen TV. For your comfort, you will find slippers and free toiletries.
A continental breakfast is served in the breakfast room.

Capacity: 63 rooms
Location: City Center Tumen
Address: Tumen, Komsomolskaya Str., 41


Amaks Hotel 3* Featuring free WiFi and a terrace. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant.
Each room at this hotel is air conditioned and features a flat-screen TV with cable channels. The hotel offers laundry and ironing. Certain units have a sitting area for your convenience. Certain rooms feature views of the river or city.

Capacity: 194 rooms
Location: On the banks of the Irtysh River
Address: Omsk, Irtysh embankment, 30


Complex Domino 3* This property is 1 minute walk from the beach. Free private parking is available on site.
You will find a kettle in the room. Each room is fitted with a private bathroom fitted with a bathtub or shower. For your comfort, you will find free toiletries and a hairdryer. A flat-screen TV is provided.

Capacity: 16 rooms
Location: On the banks of the Ob River
Address: Novosibirsk, Titov Str., 184/1.


Park-Hotel Graal 4* This peaceful hotel is surrounded by pine trees. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the property.
The rooms are individually decorated and feature a flat-screen TV, minibar, safe, and bathrobes, slippers and a hairdryer.
The restaurant “Eternal Call” is decorated in a classic style and works around the clock. Guests can sample traditional Russian cuisine while admiring the view of the Siberian nature from the shady terrace in warm weather.
At the disposal of the guests of the Hotel Graal a bath complex with a swimming pool and hydromassage, massage procedures, swimming pools and billiards.

Capacity: 16 rooms
Location: In the pine forest, 9 km from Kemerovo
Address: Kemerovo district, village Zhuravlevo


Hotel Krasnoyarsk 3*. Comfortable location – in the city centre, on the Yenisei river – it takes few minutes to get to the office and business parts of the city, shops and leisure centers. 249 comfortable rooms are ready for you, among them are deluxe, superior rooms, studios and apartments. There is a shower, telephone and TV in every room. A small swimming pool and billiard you can use, you can create your own world of rest and bliss here. Delicious food will be delivered at your request, massage will help you to take your fatigue away, contrasting water of the swimming pool will recover your cheerfulness and fill you with fresh energy.

Capacity: 249 rooms
Location: Krasnoyarsk city center, on the Yenisei river, Theater Square
Address: Krasnoyarsk, 94 Uritskogo str.
Additional services: free WiFi access on the territory of hotel including rooms, in the hotel building there are many restaurants, cafés, bars, sauna, billiards, hair salon, beauty salon (tanning salon, massage), gift shop, excursion agency, currency exchange, business centre (PC, copy machine etc), conference halls, personal safes, luggage room.


Recreation center Kazachka IYA 3* is located in a picturesque place in the Siberian wilderness.
Guests are offered well-appointed houses, in some of them there is a fireplace. Each house has a toilet, bath and toiletries.
On the territory of the recreation center there are sports grounds for active recreation, as well as guests are invited to fishing for hunting and hunting. billiards.

Capacity: 16 rooms
Location: 2.7 km from the city of Tulun
Address: Tulun district, village Kazakova


Guest house Derevenka 2* The hotel has cottages for the guests and one cottage with a kitchen, a dinning room, a bar and Russian bania (bath) with a very delicate odor of Baikal plants. You should try this but do not forget to complete the session with plunging into ice-cold Baikal water. You will be sure to feel as though you have been newly born.
The cottages for guests differ in sizes depending on the number of people there are to be accommodated. The cottages are constructed in traditional Russian style. Each cottage has the name of one of most famous Baikal winds like Angara, Barguzin, Gorny, Kultuk, Sarma, Selenga and Shelonnik.
The territory of hotel is covered with WiFi for Internet access.

Capacity: 7 cottages
Location: 70 meters from Lake Baikal
Address: Irkutsk region, Listvjanka village, Gornaya str., 1


Hotel Buryatia 3* There is a sauna, a gym, a beauty salon and a ticket office.
Rooms at Buryatia Hotel have cable TV, a fridge, a seating area and a private bathroom with toiletries.
The Cafe “Chashka” serves traditional dishes of Buryat and European cuisine. Breakfast is served every morning. Free private parking and WiFi are provided.

Capacity: 215 rooms
Location: next to the hotel is the Opera and Ballet Theater, Sovetov Square, the Government Building of the Republic
Address: Ulan-Ude, Communist Str., 47a


Monblan Hôtel 3* Il propose une connexion Wi-Fi gratuite, un sauna, un billard et 3 restaurants.
Toutes les chambres de l’hôtel Monblan sont climatisées et disposent d’une télévision à écran plat et d’une salle de bains avec douche.
Le restaurant “Khutorok” sert des plats ukrainiens et dans le restaurant “Alexander Garden” des plats de cuisine européenne, japonaise et chinoise. En été, vous pourrez dîner au restaurant Vershina Monblana au 11ème étage.
Lors de votre séjour à l’Hotel Monblan, vous pourrez vous détendre dans le sauna doté d’une petite piscine et jouer au billard.

Capacité: 190 chambres
Lieu: City Centre Chita
Adresse: Chita, rue Kostyushko-Grigorovich, 5


Asia Hotel 4* It offers air-conditioned rooms with a private bathroom. It offers a 24-hour front desk and free Wi-Fi throughout.
Amenities include a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a kettle, a shower, bathrobes and a work desk. All rooms have a safe. Some rooms have a balcony, while others have a view of the river. The rooms are equipped with a refrigerator.
A continental breakfast is served in the mornings.

Capacity: 258 rooms
Location: City Center Blagoveshchensk
Address: Amur Region, Blagoveshchensk, Gorky Str., 158


Hotel Verba 4* It offers free Wi-Fi throughout, a spa, a restaurant and free private parking.
All rooms have air conditioning, LCD flat-screen satellite TV, minibar, safe, minibar, and private bathroom with slippers, bathrobe, hairdryer and toiletries.
There is a café-bar Flour on site. The cafe-bar serves dishes of Russian and European cuisine. Breakfast is buffet style. The Verba Hotel has an equipped conference room and meeting room.
The spa area features Finnish and Russian saunas, a Turkish hammam and a hot tub

Capacity: 258 rooms
Location: embankment of the Amur River
Address: Khabarovsk, Istomin str., 56A


Azimut Hotel 4* Vladivostok. The hotel has a terrace and views of the sea, and guests can enjoy a drink at the bar. It offers free Wi-Fi in public areas and a 24-hour front desk.
Rooms at the Azimut Hotel have comfortable beds, a private bathroom, a dressing room, a work desk and a TV with satellite channels.
Port Avenue’s restaurant serves Russian Pacific Pacific cuisine, as well as some classic international dishes.

Capacity: 258 rooms
Location: on the shore of the Amur Bay in Vladivostok
Address: Vladivostok, Naberezhnaya Str., 10


Cult motorcycles the BMW GS series, developed more than 30 years ago and has undergone many updates, is still the best motorcycle for long trips, a standard of quality and convenience. These motorcycles were designed for travel both on asphalt and on uncoated roads. Motorcycles have built-in security systems (ABS, ESA, tire pressure sensor, etc.), equipped with spacious coats, reliable in operation and perfectly controlled.

For our travels in Russia, we offer a selection of several models of motorcycles BMW GS series, 2015-2018 year of release:

  • R 1200 GS
  • F 800 GS
  • F 700 GS

All motorcycles are in excellent technical condition and undergo regular maintenance. All motorcycles are equipped with luggage trunks, protective arches and other accessories necessary for long travel.



The number of participants in the group is usually in the group of 5-8 people (possibly more participants by prior agreement). Excursion is possible in English. Tourists from different countries, such as Holland, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Denmark, Turkey, Finland, Norway, etc. participated in this round.


Driving a motorcycle is allowed if the driving experience is more than 2 years and the age is older than 25 years. You do not need special physical training. Nevertheless, you should be ready to ride a motorcycle and on your feet 10-12 hours a day, because we have prepared for you a very rich program on most of our tours. Going on a trip, you must really appreciate your health and your abilities. We do not conduct a medical examination and do not require the provision of medical certificates. Your health is your responsibility. We expect that you will consciously solve this problem.

Throughout the route, the guide follows the health status of each participant in a motorized trip. If you get sick, the management will provide first aid. The manual contains a large first aid kit with medicines. In case of emergency, we organize professional medical care.

In a critical situation (poisoning / trauma, etc.) – one of the guides will accompany the participant to the hospital. For this, we send two tour guides. The second guidebook will continue the trip together with the other participants


The tour route may change if:

  • Road repair work is on track, so we need to get around this
  • The decision of the mutual group to cancel the visit to any attraction in favor of another;
  • Unexpected situations, for example, in case of a puncture or wheel damage, a technical malfunction (technical equipment works reliably, but sometimes failures occur), an accident, and a poor health condition of one of the group members. Therefore, we ask for your understanding in the event of such circumstances. We will do everything possible to minimize them and react quickly


We pay great attention to safety, observe the rules of the road and never take risks – we expect the same approach to driving from you. However, sometimes accidents happen, and we should be ready for this turn.

A) in case of accident without injuries:

  • If a motorcycle is running, a guide will remain with the customer and will complete all required insurance and police documents. If it was our customers for lack of necessary to compensate for the repair costs. If it was another driver fault, he will pay for the damage. The rest of the group continues the visit and the client + guide will catch up later after filing all necessary documents
  • If a motorcycle is badly damaged and it is other offending client can do so, either continue the tour as a passenger with someone else, or take bike guides and continue to ride. The motorcycle will be transported to the nearest petrol station and the second guide will overtake the group later
  • If a motorcycle is badly damaged and it is the fault of our client, we organize the transport of the motorcycle and the customer to Moscow. The visit ends, the money is not refunded. Insurance and deposit of customers if necessary will be used to repair the motorcycle.

B) in case of an accident with health injuries:

  • First medical help will be provided. If necessary we call ambulance and arrange transportation to the hospital. One guide will stay with the client, help him in all aspects. Fills the documents, provides information support. Group with the second guide continues the tour. We do everything to resolve the situation in our client best interests.


Moto season in Russia is opened in May and continues until the end of September. The climate in the central part of Russia is moderately continental. In summer, comfortable weather, during the day on average from +20 °C to +30 °C.

Each season has its advantages; therefore, the choice depends only on what month seems to be the best in your opinion.

  • It is very beautiful in May, as the greenery is still fresh, everything is in blossom. It is warm during the day, but rather cool in the evening.
  • In June, everything is in blossom as well, and every week you can various colors of nature. Stable weather is characteristic of this period of time.
  • The first half of August, hot weather, starting from the second half of the evening to become cooler.
  • In September, evenings are considerably cool, at night the temperature can drop to +10 °C. It also does not exclude rains.


If you do not rent motorcycle and equipment, then to participate in the tour you must have:

  • Motorcycle. Your bike must be reliable enough to run 10 000 km without big risk of break and preferable it should be something like BMW GS, KTM Adventure, Honda AfriсaTwin, Triumph Tiger. Tires should be with 80% asphalt and 20% off-road potential. For example, Tourance and Michelin Anakee 2.
  • Pants and jacket
  • Helmet and motorcycle boots
  • Gloves, clothes with the windstopper material

The high-quality touring gear protects you from rain and wind and allows you to ride in any weather. We suggest you to wear BMW Ralley 3 suit or analogs from other brands. The BMW Ralley 3 suit also has warm liner.


  • Comfortable shoes and clothes for walking around the city
  • Shorts and swimsuits
  • Raincoats
  • Waterproof motorcycle rain boot covers
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Insurance
  • Individual medicines in the presence of chronic diseases
  • Cash (for souvenirs, meals, souvenirs and entertainments). We recommend you to take cash for 65$ – 90$ per one day. For most of the tours 1800$ – 2500$ will be more than enough.

After booking the tour, depending on the tour and month, we will send you a list of minimum recommended clothes and other accessories to take with you. You will have enough time to carefully prepare and pack your luggage. However, do not take too much, leave space for memorable souvenirs that you will buy during the tour.

You do not need to take with you:

  • tents, sleeping bags and other camping equipment
  • soap
  • toilet paper
  • towels (all hotels and camps providetowels, but you can take your own from personal hygiene reasons)
  • repellents
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