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St. Petersburg is the basis of the maritime state of the Russian Empire. A water tour of the Venice of the North will reveal to you the history of the city from the moment of its creation to its present status as the Cultural Center of Russia. You will visit the fortress, which is the cradle of St. Petersburg, the naval pride of Russia and at the end of a wonderful day a two-hour walk in a private boat.



A DAY TOUR OF THE AQUATIC LANDMARKS of St. Petersburg will be of interest to everyone without exception. The tour includes diverse sights and adventure holidays. This tour will not let even the most restless tourists get bored and fill you with grandiose impressions.

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The best guides will acquaint you with the water arteries of St. Petersburg, which gave Russia a chance to become a world maritime power

01: HOTEL PICK-UP  Your guide will arrive at the hotel at the appointed time or at any place convenient for you.

02: PETER AND PAUL FORTRESS 2 hours [tickets included] This is where the history of St. Petersburg begins – it is the core of the city and the oldest architectural monument. The date of the fortress is considered as the date of the founding of the northern capital. On the territory of the fortress, the Russian tsars are buried, from Peter I to Nicholas II. We will fully explore the fortress both outside and inside, as well as descend into the underground bastions that still remember the first emperor of the Russian Empire.

03: MUSEUM CRUISER AURORA 1 hour [tickets included] This is not just a museum, it is a symbol of the city, visiting which for tourists is on a par with Palace Square, the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. The cruiser “Aurora”, the former defender of Russia in two wars – the Russian-Japanese 1904-1905 and the World War I 1914-1916, and on October 25, 1917 a single ship shot served as a signal to capture the Winter Palace. We will visit with you, as well as the deck, and the interior of the ship.

04: TIME FOR REST AND LUNCH [not included] In our tour, we have appropriately foreseen the time for a hearty lunch with national cuisine, so you can relax a little and share your impressions with your friends.

05: PRIVATE WALK ALONG THE RIVERS BY SPEED BOAT 2 hours [rent included] After an exciting program, we will enjoy in a private setting magnificent views of St. Petersburg, which open from an unusual angle. Within two hours we will go around the entire historical center of the city, learn about the history of the most famous bridges of the city, scenic canals, the Neva, Moika and Fontanka rivers. Then we will go outside the historic center, where we will have views of residential areas, the business center of St. Petersburg and the new Zenit football stadium, which in 2018 hosted the World Cup. The end point of our trip will be the Kronspitz of Galernaya harbor, from where an impressive view of the Gulf of Finland opens up.

06: OTEL DROP-OFF Upon completion of the tour, we will conduct you to your hotel or any other place as you wish.

DepartureOn foot and by subwayDetails
1.Group 12 pax85$
CategoriesBasic price per pers.Status
on foot and by subway85$on sale
2.Group 10 pax97$
CategoriesBasic price per pers.Status
on foot and by subway97$on sale
3.Group 8 pax117$
CategoriesBasic price per pers.Status
on foot and by subway117$on sale
4.Group 6 pax145$
CategoriesBasic price per pers.Status
on foot and by subway145$on sale
5.Group 4 pax210$
CategoriesBasic price per pers.Status
on foot and by subway210$on sale
6.Group 2 pax380$
CategoriesBasic price per pers.Status
on foot and by subway380$on sale
*Basic price per person


  • Museum cruiser “Aurora” is open from Wednesday to Sunday;
  • In this day tour it is more convenient to move around the city on foot and by subway, but if you prefer by car, then ask the price from our expert;
  • If you are traveling in a group of more than 12 people, then ask the price from our expert;
  • The sequence of visits to landmarks may vary;
  • No hidden fees.
Price include

• English, German, French, Spanish individual speaking guide services
• Entrance tickets to the Peter and Paul Fortress
• Entrance tickets to the museum cruiser Aurora
• Rental speed boat, 2 hour
• Metro tickets for two trips

Price does not include

• Lunch
• Souvenirs
• Personal expenses
• Extra charge
• Tipps

Booking conditions

• When reserving a tour, 30% payment upfront is required
• The remaining 70% must be paid in 60 days before the start of the tour
• When booking 60 days before the start of the tour and later, the payment is 100%

Cancellation terms

• When canceling a tour reservation for 45 days and later, 100% of the payment is deducted
• When canceling a tour reservation in the period from 90 days to 45 days before the start of the tour, 70% of the
payment amount
• If the reservation is canceled within 180 days to 90 days prior to the beginning of the tour, 50% of the payment
• If the tour is canceled prior to the beginning of 180 days, 0% of the payment amount

*Please read carefully section Terms & Conditions
360 ° Peter and Paul Fortress, 4K video from the air


The number of participants in the group is not more than 12 people (but possibly more participants by prior agreement). All excursions are conducted in English, German, French, Spanish other languages on request. Tourists from various countries took part in our tour, such as Holland, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, USA, China, Switzerland, New Zealand, Denmark, Turkey, Finland, Norway, etc. We are proud to have received an impressive number of special guests – famous world politicians, movie stars and pop stars.


Participation in the tour is not recommended for children under 8 years of age, due to the intense excursion program. But the parents reserve the right of final decision. If you think that your child is emotionally and physically ready for this trip, the tour operator will not mind.

You do not need special physical training. Nevertheless, you must be prepared for an extensive program and small foot movements. Going on a trip, you must really appreciate your health and your abilities.
If you get sick, the management will provide first aid. In case of emergency, we organize professional medical care.


  • Late spring. At a time of the year like the end of April and the beginning of May, the temperature in St. Petersburg is a little capricious, rains periodically, and partly cloudy weather. But the spring charm of the city during the flowering of plants and fresh greenery on trees adequately compensate for the vagaries of nature. The average daily temperature is 15 °C. Also an additional bonus, the lack of a high season among tourists.
  • End of spring and early summer. In such a period as the end of May – the beginning of June. Not very hot, but not cold. The sun pleasantly warms. The average daily temperature of 18-20 °C This season is most comfortable for long excursions.
  • Mid summer. The hottest months are July and August. The daytime temperature can reach 33 °C. A short shower can pass, which perfectly knocks down the city heat and gives a refreshing coolness.
  • Autumn season. It starts to get a bit cooler and in the beginning of September the temperature in the daytime is generally not higher than 23 °С. In the middle of the Russians weather gives a gift and comes for a couple of weeks a wave of warm air – “Indian Summer” (in Russia is called “Women’s Summer“). Closer by October and at the beginning of the month, the average temperature fluctuates around 10-12 °C. During this period, the bulk of guests leave the country and you can safely enjoy the beautiful sights and golden foliage of trees.
  • Winter months. The coldest period is at the end of January – beginning of February. The average temperature is minus 10-18 °C. The rest of the time, the temperature is quite moderate, which promotes outdoor activities and cozy in warm rooms.


  • Travelling clothes must be comfortable. Please, take clothes you put on for walking and outdoor activities with you.
  • Insurance
  • Individual medicines in the presence of chronic diseases
  • Cash (for souvenirs, meals and entertainments).
Tour of Peter and Paul Fortress, Aurora cruiser and private river trip
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