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In addition to its rich history and cultural heritage, Russia has all the resources for chic service and recreation. Luxury tour in Moscow and St. Petersburg is an improved version of the classic tour in Moscow and St. Petersburg, taking into account the special requirements of high-ranking individuals. Each guest receives a truly royal reception.



LUXURY TOUR IN MOSCOW AND ST. PETERSBURG is available as an individual tour. If you own a large number of days, we highly recommend to extend the tour and include 3 days for a trip to the Golden Ring of Russia, which will immerse you in the fabulous Middle Ages of Russia.
Upon your request, our experts will help you individualize the tour to your wishes and preferences. We are happy to provide at your disposal our experience, professionalism and love for the national heritage of Russia.

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Russia swirl you charming luxury
Rest like an oligarch


  • Service worthy of the royal family
  • An aristocratic approach to every detail
  • Chic excursions and events
  • The highly qualified guides of Russia

A: Welcome to our magnificent capital of Russia to Moscow. You will be met at the airport and transfered to the hotel. You will be accommodated in a hotel in the city centre, after registering you will have free time for rest. You can walk along the central streets of the city and dine at one of the wonderful restaurants.

B: In the evening in the hotel, you will get acquainted with our wonderful guide, and enjoy a welcome cocktail.

 Accommodation in a luxury hotel in downtown of Moscow (Ararat Park Hyatt 5*+)

( – , – , – )

A: Today you will have a magnificent panoramic tour of Moscow. You will make a tour of the main and most famous square of the country along the Red Square (which is called “beautiful” from the old Russian language), which became the arena of many important events in Russian history and the history of the Soviet state. Visit the St. Basil’s Cathedral; enjoy the carved facades of GUM.

B: Then we will visit the main cathedral of Russia – the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. According to the idea of the architect, he had to be majestic and colossal, and his glory was to surpass the glory of Peter’s Cathedral in Rome. We will also visit the Sparrow Hills survey site, opposite the main university of the country, founded by the Russian scientist Lomonosov, and has become one of the centres of Russian science and culture. Nowadays, the university is located in one of the seven legendary Stalin skyscrapers, and against it, a broad view of Moscow opens.

C: After the walk, you will have free time for lunch in one of the city’s famous restaurants.

D: After which we will go to the treasury of art in the Tretyakov Gallery. In fact, this gallery is the gold fund of all Russian painting. The collection of the Tretyakov Gallery is priceless; it presents works from the 11th century. You will immerse yourself in the wonderful world of such outstanding masters as Rublev, Vasnetsov, Repin, Vrubel, Aivazovsky, Roerich and many others.

Upon returning to the hotel, you will have free time for dinner and exchange of emotions.

 Accommodation in a luxury hotel in downtown of Moscow (Ararat Park Hyatt 5*+)

(Breakfast, Lunch, – )

A: Today we spend most of the day studying the heart of Russian royalty – the Moscow Kremlin. Here is the presidential residence. The oldest square in Moscow called the Cathedral Square. The Assumption Cathedral, the Ivan the Great Belltower, the Archangel Cathedral, the Annunciation Cathedral and the Church of the Twelve Apostles, surrounds this beautiful square. Passing through the territory of the Kremlin, we will see the famous Tsar Bell, a huge bell weighing 200 tons and the largest cannon in the world – 40-ton Royal cannon.

B: We will visit the Armory Chamber, which stores the treasures of many Moscow tsars. Today, the Armory presents a unique collection: objects of applied art that were represented by Russian tsars by foreign ambassadors, a collection of arms of the 13th-18th centuries, jewellery of the 12th-19th centuries. You can admire the magnificent objects of gold, silver, precious stones, ivory, porcelain, national clothes embroidered with pearls and the famous Easter eggs Faberge.

C: In the evening, you will have an excellent dinner on a cruise yacht (first class). During a river walk along the Moscow River, you can enjoy the picturesque views of the evening city. This evening cruise will be an excellent end of a rich day.

Accommodation in a luxury hotel in downtown of Moscow (Ararat Park Hyatt 5*+)

(Breakfast, – , – )

A: In the morning, we have a wonderful walk through the second architectural ensemble of Moscow. We will visit the New Maiden Convent (Novodevichy Convent), one of the most beautiful monasteries in Moscow, today belongs to the Historical Museum. However, the services in the temples are also held. Within its walls, there are many churches, including the Church of the Transfiguration and the Church of the Smolensk Mother of God, which has the most beautiful altar in Moscow. As it is often found in the capital – in one place the historical heritage in the form of a museum part and a spiritual component coexist harmoniously. In addition to all this, it is very pleasant to be on the territory of the monastery, to walk.

There are also several palaces and a beautiful cemetery. Novodevichy Cemetery is a special attraction of the monastery, many famous artists, scientists and politicians are buried here; among them Chekhov, Mayakovski, Yesenin, Levitan, Vrubel, Khrushchev, Boris Yeltsin.

B: After a rest for lunch, we will descend into the underground palaces of Moscow. The stations of the Moscow Metro differ truly in the palace magnificence of the vestibules and underground halls. Underground complexes are richly decorated with statues and reliefs, monumental and decorative compositions (paintings, mosaics, stained glass and murals) of the country’s leading artists. The Soviet government generously sponsored the construction of the subway, as a symbol of the high achievements and progress of the Soviet people.

C: On this, we are forced to say: “Goodbye” to the capital of Russia – Moscow. But ahead of us is the magnificence of imperial luxury embodied in the city of the first emperor Peter the Great. To do this, we will go by high-speed train from the Leningrad station and after 4 hours, having covered 700 km, we will arrive in St. Petersburg.

Accommodation in a luxury hotel in downtown of St. Petersburg (Belmond Grand Hotel Europe 5*+)

(Breakfast, – , – )

A: On this day we will begin our study of a magical city on the Neva River. Panoramic tour of the former capital of the Russian Empire will allow you to learn the history of St. Petersburg and be imbued with its splendour. We will enjoy the elegant oblique Vasilievskaya arrows, Nevsky Prospekt, which is the heart of the city, the square of the arts formed by three museums and four theatres, the Palace Square and an impressive Baroque facade.

B: You will appreciate the tranquillity of the numerous rivers and canals with their wonderful bridges, domes of churches and cathedrals, among which are St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the Church of the Savior on Blood, which we will visit to enjoy the Byzantine heritage embodied in Orthodox churches. Further, you will have free time for lunch.

C: On this day, we will visit the Peter and Paul Fortress – the cradle of the city, May 23, 1703, is the date of the founding of the fortress, which is considered the birthday of the city. Currently, the Russian emperors from Peter I (Great) to Nicholas II are buried here. But we will see not only this, we will go beyond the side of the tourist route – beyond the walls of the fortress to the beach, where the locals like to come and enjoy the stunning views of the Neva River. After a sightseeing tour around the city, you will return to the hotel, where you can relax and take advantage of free time.

D: In the evening you will visit the folk show “Feel yourself, Russian”. Where you can see incendiary and colourful performances of Russian-folk groups in bright national costumes on the stage of the Nikolayevsky Palace. Duration 2 hours, during the intermission, serve a choice of a glass of champagne or a glass of vodka with snacks.

E: After the musical performance, you will be taken to the hotel.

Accommodation in a luxury hotel in downtown of St. Petersburg (Belmond Grand Hotel Europe 5*+)

(Breakfast, – , – )

A: Today we will visit the pride of Russia and one of the best museums in the world. Today the guests of the Hermitage can admire such masterpieces as “Madonna and Child” (“Madonna of Benois”) by Leonardo da Vinci, “Saint Sebastian” by Titian, “Holy Family” by Raphael, “Return of the Prodigal Son” by Rembrandt, “Apostles Peter and Paul” El Greco and many other greatest works of all time. We will not just be ordinary tourists and add a visit to one of the Treasury rooms – a gallery of jewellery. In the treasury of the Hermitage, it is very difficult to get entrance tickets because of a large number of people who wish to visit it and limited hours of work.

B: The two expositions present ancient gold objects found in Scythian burial mounds and marvelous in the fineness of the execution of the product created by masters of the Greek cities of the Northern Black Sea region, jewelry monuments of the Middle Ages of Byzantium (the famous Greek gold collection with famous earrings of such fine work that no jeweler could reproduce until present time), Western Europe, Russia and jewelry from the countries of the East, as well as original masterpieces of jewelry art of the 16th – early 20th centuries from the collection of jewellery of the imperial family.

  • In the Golden Room are the works of ancient Greek masters, it is here that the great collection of gold of the Scythians, the jewels of the East countries: India, Iran, China, magnificent examples of oriental ceremonial weapons.
  • In the Diamond Room you can see ancient gold items from Scythian mounds, masterpieces of jewelry art by masters of Western Europe and Russia, jewelry from collections of members of the Romanov family and private collections of St. Petersburg, monuments of church art, diplomatic gifts to the Russian Tsar’s Court and Faberge’s magnificent products.

C: Further, you will have free time for a walk around the Hermitage or around the city, and an excellent end of the day will be an evening pleasant cruise along the river arteries of the city, which are the true streets of St. Petersburg. From the water, the city appears to us completely from the other side of its greatness. In the cool time of the day, you will be offered cosy blankets.

EXTRA CHARGE (OPTIONAL): In the Hermitage, the “early opening” , “evening and night visit” service is available, this option is given to tourists who prefer to enjoy sights exclusively in the company of their close people.

Accommodation in a luxury hotel in downtown of St. Petersburg (Belmond Grand Hotel Europe 5*+)

(Breakfast, – , – )

A: Today we continue the palace line and head for Peterhof, a suburban imperial residence founded by Emperor Peter I in honour of the victory of the Russian State in the Northern War over the Swedes for access to the Baltic Sea.

The picturesque palace and park complex is called the Kingdom of Fountains. More than 150 fountains and water cascades adorn the park’s composition. And in the centre of the ensemble – a 19-meter fountain “Samson tearing the lion’s mouth,” which symbolizes the victory over the Swedish army.

The unique appearance of the “Russian Versailles” was formed over three centuries – from the laying of the first stone in 1712 to our days, when, after the German occupation, it had to be literally restored from ruins. Palaces, pavilions, statues, alleys and flower beds – everything is full of greatness and reminds of a beautiful bygone era.

B: We will visit the royal palace and stroll through the park that descends to the Gulf of Finland. Back in the city, we will return to the water on a speedboat Meteor increased comfort.

C: We continue our luxury adventure and on our return to St. Petersburg, we go to the Faberge Museum, which is dedicated to the great jeweller Carl Faberge. To date, the collection has more than 4000 units of Russian decorative, applied and visual arts. By its size, typological diversity and the highest quality of works, many of which belonged to the imperial family and other representatives of the monarchical courts of Europe, without doubt, is one of the best in the world.

D: Upon returning you will have free time for a walk, rest and dinner.

 Accommodation in a luxury hotel in downtown of St. Petersburg (Belmond Grand Hotel Europe 5*+)

(Breakfast, – , – )

A: Today we will plunge into the truth of the royal life. We leave the city and go to the summer residence of Peter the Great 25 km from St. Petersburg. The Tsarskoe Selo (Tsar’s Village) Museum-Reserve served as a resting place for imperial families and holding national festivals, poetry evenings, costumed parties and imperial balls with the primordially Russian scope. The magnificent carvings and golden decorations of the Catherine Palace impress even the most refined look. And certainly, the royal pearl is the Amber Room, which rightly bears the title of the eighth wonder of the world. We will also enjoy a leisurely walk along the shady avenues, where not only the tsar’s people loved to spend their time, but also artists of high art. Not for nothing Alexander Pushkin – a classic with a world name sang in his verses the magnificence of these places.

B: After the walk, we are waiting for dinner in the royal courtyard, in a traditional Russian restaurant – not a little known for the fact that President Vladimir Putin likes to eat here.

C: We continue our journey through time and the next stop is the Pavlovsk Palace with one of the largest and most parks in Europe. The architect and the landscape of the park are often compared with the muse for the eyes. Pavlovsk Palace itself is one of the few in which the cosy and private atmosphere of the Romanov family has been preserved. After visiting the palace, you can order a carriage harnessed by the Russian breed of horses and ride along the romantic avenues of a beautiful park.

D: On your return to St. Petersburg, you will be waiting for a reserved table in an exclusive restaurant for a farewell dinner.

Accommodation in a luxury hotel in downtown of St. Petersburg (Belmond Grand Hotel Europe 5*+)

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

In the morning you will be taken to the airport, depending on the departure of your aircraft. On this, your journey will come to an end. Without a doubt, the emotions received during the tour will leave colourful memories for a lifetime.

See you soon!

(Breakfast, – , – )

Departureluxury servicesDetails tour 12 persons4814$
CategoriesHotelTrain CabinBasic price per pers.Status
luxury5*+business class4814$on sale tour 10 persons4911$
CategoriesHotelTrain CabinBasic price per pers.Status
luxury5*+business class4911$on sale tour 8 persons5065$
CategoriesHotelTrain CabinBasic price per pers.Status
luxury5*+business class5065$on sale tour 6 persons5194$
CategoriesHotelTrain CabinBasic price per pers.Status
luxury5*+business class5194$on sale tour 4 persons5630$
CategoriesHotelTrain CabinBasic price per pers.Status
luxury5*+business class5630$on sale tour 2 persons6713$
CategoriesHotelTrain CabinBasic price per pers.Status
luxury5*+business class6713$on sale
*The basic price is indicated for double room accommodation. Read more in the section Accommodation


  • If you are traveling in a group of more than 12 people, then ask the price from our expert;
  • We are ready to help you buy the tickets; if necessary, leave a comment in your request;
  • The sequence of visits to landmarks may vary;
  • No hidden fees.


  • Single accommodation +2090 USD /per person;
  • In St. Petersburg. Services in the Hermitage:
    1. “early opening” , “evening visit” – 4790 USD /per group (max 65 persons)
    2. “night visit” from 21h00 to 24h00 – 2010 USD /per group (max 5 persons)
Price include

• Transport service (business class)
• Accommodation in luxury hotels 5*+
• Railway tickets for high-speed train (business class)
• Tickets for Speed Boat Meteor (luxury class)
• Breakfasts
• Excellent cruise on the yacht on the Moscow River (royal supper)
• Lunch on Day 2
• Lunch and dinner on Day 8
• English, German, French, Spanish individual speaking guide services
• Excursions
• Entrance tickets to the museums and parks
• Visa support

Price does not include

• Tickets to/from Moscow
• Other lunches and dinners not included in the program
• Souvenirs
• Personal expenses
• Extra charge
• Tipps
• Medical insurance

Booking conditions

• When reserving a tour, 30% payment upfront is required
• The remaining 70% must be paid in 60 days before the start of the tour
• When booking 60 days before the start of the tour and later, the payment is 100%

Cancellation terms

• When canceling a tour reservation for 45 days and later, 100% of the payment is deducted
• When canceling a tour reservation in the period from 90 days to 45 days before the start of the tour, 70% of the
payment amount
• If the reservation is canceled within 180 days to 90 days prior to the beginning of the tour, 50% of the payment
• If the tour is canceled prior to the beginning of 180 days, 0% of the payment amount

*Please read carefully section Terms & Conditions
travel map
How To Be A Russian Oligarch

DAY 01-03 : Luxury hotel in the historical center of Moscow. Ararat Park Hyatt 5* (superior, twin /double)
DAY 04-09 : Luxury hotel in the historical center of St. Petersburg. Belmond Grand Hotel Europe 5* (superior, twin /double)


  • If on the dates indicated there are no rooms in the declared hotels, then the hotels can be changed to a similar category or higher.
  • For an individual tour, you have the opportunity to improve the living conditions; if necessary, leave a comment in your request.

Ararat Park Hyatt 5* Moscow is an international ultramodern hotel in Moscow, specially created for discerning travelers who appreciate exclusivity, personalized service and excellent quality. It is located in the historical center of Moscow, a short walk from the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theater, the State Duma, the Moscow Business Center and the legendary shopping centers of the Central Department Store and the GUM.
A distinctive feature of the hotel is excellent service. Design rooms renovated in 2012, designed by the famous architect Tony Chi.
The hotel has a fitness center, a spa and a Russian steam bath. Other facilities include a solarium and treatment rooms that offer massages, as well as a swimming pool and juice bar.
The hotel serves European cuisine and Armenian specialties, as well as a Japanese sushi bar. The cafe is decorated with columns and marble sculptures, and from the rooftop lounge, where drinks are served, breathtaking views open up.

Capacity: 208 beautiful rooms, 29 apartments
Location: Historical Center of Moscow, 5 minutes walk from Red Square
Address: Moscow, Neglinnaya, 4


Grand Hotel Belmond Europe 5*  is located in the historic center of St. Petersburg. It offers elegant rooms in a fantastic location and is designed in a classic style. Within walking distance are museums and theaters, as well as attractions such as the Arts Square, the main admiralty building and the former Royal Winter Palace. On the famous Nevsky Prospekt you will find many shops, bars and cafes.
The elegant and luxurious rooms of the Grand Hotel emphasize the historic character of the hotel and reflect its rich architectural heritage, most of which are furnished with antiques of exceptional quality. Each room has an entrance hall, a luxurious room with a spacious living room. The rooms are equipped with all modern amenities, including satellite TV, mini bar and air conditioning. The en suite bathroom includes bathrobes, slippers, a hairdryer and free toiletries.
There are 6 restaurants and cafes available to hotel guests, offering delicious food and refreshing drinks. The attentive and friendly staff of the hotel will answer your questions at any time of the day.
Business travelers at Grand Hotel Belmond Europe are equipped with conference rooms with the latest audio and video technology and 5-star business services.

Capacity: 265 rooms
Location: Historic Center of St. Petersburg, Walking Distance to Winter Palace
Address: St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospective, Mikhaylovskaya Street, 1/7


The transport included in the package tours in Moscow and St. Petersburg meets international standards and passes an annual certification. To ensure that your luxury vacation is as comfortable as possible in the cost of the trip is included business class transportation. Professional drivers will ensure safe travel throughout the course. Depending on the number of people in the group, the following vehicles will be offered.

  • For 2 people – MERCEDES-BENZ E 300 / TOYOTA CAMRY
  • Up to 6 people – MERCEDES-BENZ VIANO
  • Up to 17 people – MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER


The number of participants in the group is not more than 12 people (but possibly more participants by prior agreement). All excursions are conducted in English, German, French, Spanish other languages on request. Tourists from various countries took part in our tour, such as Holland, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, USA, China, Switzerland, New Zealand, Denmark, Turkey, Finland, Norway, etc. We are proud to have received an impressive number of special guests – famous world politicians, movie stars and pop stars.


Participation in the tour is not recommended for children under 12 years of age, due to the intense excursion program. But the parents reserve the right of final decision. If you think that your child is emotionally and physically ready for this trip, the tour operator will not mind.

You do not need special physical training. Nevertheless, you must be prepared for an extensive program and small foot movements. Going on a trip, you must really appreciate your health and your abilities.
If you get sick, the management will provide first aid. In case of emergency, we organize professional medical care.


  • Late spring. At a time of the year like the end of April and the beginning of May, the temperature in St. Petersburg is a little capricious, rains periodically, and partly cloudy weather. But the spring charm of the city during the flowering of plants and fresh greenery on trees adequately compensate for the vagaries of nature. The average daily temperature is 15 °C. Also an additional bonus, the lack of a high season among tourists.
  • End of spring and early summer. In such a period as the end of May – the beginning of June. Not very hot, but not cold. The sun pleasantly warms. The average daily temperature of 18-20 °C This season is most comfortable for long excursions.
  • Mid summer. The hottest months are July and August. The daytime temperature can reach 33 °C. A short shower can pass, which perfectly knocks down the city heat and gives a refreshing coolness.
  • Autumn season. It starts to get a bit cooler and in the beginning of September the temperature in the daytime is generally not higher than 23 °С. In the middle of the Russians weather gives a gift and comes for a couple of weeks a wave of warm air – “Indian Summer” (in Russia is called “Women’s Summer“). Closer by October and at the beginning of the month, the average temperature fluctuates around 10-12 °C. During this period, the bulk of guests leave the country and you can safely enjoy the beautiful sights and golden foliage of trees.
  • Winter months. The coldest period is at the end of January – beginning of February. The average temperature is minus 10-18 °C. The rest of the time, the temperature is quite moderate, which promotes outdoor activities and cozy in warm rooms.


Travelling clothes must be comfortable. Please, take clothes you put on for walking and outdoor activities with you.

  • After booking the tour, depending on the month, we will send you a list of minimum recommended clothes and other accessories to take with you. You will have enough time to carefully prepare and pack your luggage. However, do not take too much, leave space for memorable souvenirs that you will buy during the tour.
  • Insurance
  • Individual medicines in the presence of chronic diseases
  • Cash (for souvenirs, meals, souvenirs and entertainments). We recommend you to take cash for 80$ – 100$ per one day. For most of the one-week tours 560$ – 700$ will be more than enough. Estimate the amount of money needed to travel tailored to individual needs.
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