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Welcome to Moscow, in the heart of Russia! Moscow is an epic and fundamental city. Different historical eras and times are vividly interwoven in it. We invite you to a full sightseeing tour by car. We will see and get acquainted with the landmark sights of the city, which every guest should see when they arrived in Russia for the first time.



PRIVATE SIGHTSEEING TOUR OF MOSCOW BY CAR is the perfect start to get to know Russia and its capital. It suits literally everyone who is interested in learning new and unusual things for themselves. Our best guides will make your day non-standard and as confortable as possible.

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The greatness of Russia begins with its capital and people
Moscow will open before you like a precious casket


  • Well-thought-out route
  • A really interesting tour program
  • Best interesting guides of Moscow
  • Comfortable transport

01: HOTEL PICK-UP Your guide and transport will arrive at the hotel at the appointed time or at any place convenient for you.

02: RED SQUARE [the entrance is free] is the main and most famous square of Moscow and Russia, the arena of many important events of Russian history from ancient times, the Soviet state to our time. This place also served as a trade area, an area for festivities, mass demonstrations of workers during the USSR, as well as parades of the Armed Forces of Russia.

Numerous monuments of history, architecture and landmark buildings are located on Red Square. On the one hand, in the Old Russian style the Historical Museum of Russia, the Resurrection Gate (triumphal), Kazan Cathedral and GUM (Main Universal Store) and on the other hand the St. Basil’s Cathedral, a monument to Minin and Pozharsky (militia of 1612), frontal place, northeast Kremlin wall with the Spasskaya Tower, on which the main clock of the country is located. Also, this wall is the mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin (“father” of the October Revolution of 1917).

03: SAINT BASIL’S CATHEDRAL 1 hour [tickets included] The extraordinarily beautiful temple painted on Red Square is one of the most famous architectural monuments of Moscow. Erected in 1561 by order of Tsar Ivan the Terrible in honor of the capture of the Kazan Khanate. We will visit this amazingly beautiful temple and enjoy the architecture, decorative furniture, monumental paintings, frescoes and rare monuments of Russian icon painting.

04: GUM (MAIN UNIVERSAL STORE) [the entrance is free] is one of the most famous department stores not only in Russia, but also in the entire post-Soviet space. This is not only a fashionable shopping and entertainment complex, it is a real art object, moreover it is about both the internal content of GUM and its external appearance. The pseudo-Russian-style building became the same symbol of Russia as the Saint Basil’s Cathedral or the Kremlin. Until 1920, it was called the Upper Trading Rows and was rebuilt after 1812, occupying a whole block in the historic center of the city. The department store is anxious about its history, so there is a lot of attention paid to the Soviet style, and the pre-revolutionary interior in some rooms has been recreated.

05: NIKOLSKAYA STREET is one of the oldest streets in Moscow, one of the most colorful and distinctive streets in the historical center of the city, which still saw Moscow before the formation of Red Square. Now this street is pedestrian, we walk along it to the Nikolsky Gate.

06: MANEZHNAYA SQUARE AND ALEXANDER GARDEN After visiting the Red Square, we head to one of the most visited places in Moscow, Manezhnaya Square. On the one hand, it overlooks the Alexander Garden, which is adjacent to the Kremlin wall and is divided into a moat with beautiful fountains, and in the center of the square is a glass dome topped with a monument to St. George. A notable place on the square is the zero kilometer of Russia.

07: BOLSHOI THEATER [visiting outside] The next remarkable place in our tour is the Bolshoi Theater (grand opening on December 30, 1780). He is a model of theatrical art, on which all other theaters are equal. This is the pride of Moscow and the rest of Russia, as well as one of the most significant opera and ballet theaters in the world. The best Russian artists and stars of the global scale regularly come to this stage. The building of the historical scene is an object of cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia.

08: TVERSKAYA STREET One of the most important roads in Moscow, the first mention in the 12th century. The value of this street is difficult to underestimate, initially this road led to the city of Tver, and later the houses of the boyars and local nobility, temples, tenement houses and shopping malls and hotels began to be built here. Among the masterpieces of architectural creativity, you can call the English Club and the Eliseevsky store, which we will definitely visit. We will also get acquainted with iconic buildings, such as: Hotel National, Main Telegraph, Postnikovsky Passage (now the Drama Theater), the building of the Moscow City Hall, etc.

09: TIME FOR REST AND LUNCH [not included] In our tour, we have appropriately foreseen the time for a hearty lunch with national cuisine, so you can relax a little and share your impressions with your friends.

10: ELISEEVSKY GROCERY STORE [the entrance is free] The large-scale opening took place in 1901 and belonged to the store of Petersburg merchants Yeliseyev. At that time, visitors were struck by the variety of imported products and wines and were targeted at wealthy customers. Even more than the assortment, visitors are amazed at the interior of the store, comparable to architectural masterpieces. The interiors of the trading halls are made in the spirit of “neo-baroque”: massive figured columns with gilding on the capitals, arches, ceiling solutions for vaults with pads and large crystal chandeliers were used.

11: ZARYADYE PARK [the entrance is free] Thanks to the public initiative and support of the city authorities in the territory of 13 hectares, in 2017, the Zaryadye landscape park was opened on the site of the Russia Hotel. In addition to the four climatic zones characteristic of the nature of Russia, the park contains objects: an amphitheater, a concert hall, a media center, an ice cave, but the main attraction of the park is the soaring bridge, which offers a magnificent view of the Kremlin, river, Christ the Savior Cathedral, etc. . We will walk around the park for a bit, learn about the rich history of this old district and enjoy panoramic views of the city.

12: THE CATHEDRAL OF CHRIST THE SAVIOR [visiting outside] is the main Cathedral in Russia, built in gratitude to God for helping to win the war with the Napoleonic army (Patriotic War of 1812). We will walk along the Patriarchal Bridge (from which a beautiful view of the river and the city opens) to the temple. The temple impresses any person who managed to see it with his own eyes. We will walk outside the temple grounds and learn its history, including the sad facts that overtook the temple in the 20th century.

13: SPARROW HILLS [the entrance is free] The observation deck on the Sparrow Hills, perhaps the most famous observation deck, where you can see the panorama of the capital. Views from here are really worthy of attention. Especially when you know where and what to look at, all the most significant points of Moscow emerge into a whole exciting story. The observation platform itself is located in a picturesque area on one of the seven hills, washed out by the river and surrounded by forest, and on the other hand, in one of the Stalinist skyscraper, the main university of the country – Lomonosov Moscow State University.

14: OTEL DROP-OFF Upon completion of the tour, we will return you to your hotel or any other place as you wish.

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2.Group 10 pax66$
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3.Group 8 pax76$
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4.Group 6 pax87$
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5.Group 4 pax118$
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6.Group 2 pax195$
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*Basic price per person


  • This day tour is valid all year round except on the first Thursday of each month. During celebrations and public events on Red Square, the opening hours of the St. Basil’s Cathedral may be changed. Please ask for details when booking;
  • If you are traveling in a group of more than 12 people, then ask the price from our expert;
  • In this day tour it is more convenient to move around the city by car, but if you prefer on foot and by subway, then ask the price from our expert;
  • The sequence of visits to landmarks may vary;
  • No hidden fees.
Price include

• Comfortable transport services
• English, German, French, Spanish individual speaking guide services
• Entrance tickets to Saint Basil's Cathedral

Price does not include

• Lunch
• Souvenirs
• Personal expenses
• Extra charge
• Tipps

Booking conditions

• When reserving a tour, 30% payment upfront is required
• The remaining 70% must be paid in 60 days before the start of the tour
• When booking 60 days before the start of the tour and later, the payment is 100%

Cancellation terms

• When canceling a tour reservation for 45 days and later, 100% of the payment is deducted
• When canceling a tour reservation in the period from 90 days to 45 days before the start of the tour, 70% of the
payment amount
• If the reservation is canceled within 180 days to 90 days prior to the beginning of the tour, 50% of the payment
• If the tour is canceled prior to the beginning of 180 days, 0% of the payment amount

*Please read carefully section Terms & Conditions

The transport included in the sightseeing tour in Moscow meets international standards and passes an annual certification. To ensure that your magnificent vacation is as comfortable as possible in the cost of the trip is included excellent transport. Professional drivers will ensure safe travel throughout the course. Depending on the number of people in the group, the following vehicles will be offered.



The number of participants in the group is not more than 12 people (but possibly more participants by prior agreement). All excursions are conducted in English, German, French, Spanish other languages on request. Tourists from various countries took part in our tour, such as Holland, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, USA, China, Switzerland, New Zealand, Denmark, Turkey, Finland, Norway, etc. We are proud to have received an impressive number of special guests – famous world politicians, movie stars and pop stars.


Participation in the tour is not recommended for children under 8 years of age, due to the intense excursion program. But the parents reserve the right of final decision. If you think that your child is emotionally and physically ready for this trip, the tour operator will not mind.

You do not need special physical training. Nevertheless, you must be prepared for an extensive program and small foot movements. Going on a trip, you must really appreciate your health and your abilities.
If you get sick, the management will provide first aid. In case of emergency, we organize professional medical care.


  • Late spring. At a time of the year like the end of April and the beginning of May, the temperature in St. Petersburg is a little capricious, rains periodically, and partly cloudy weather. But the spring charm of the city during the flowering of plants and fresh greenery on trees adequately compensate for the vagaries of nature. The average daily temperature is 15 °C. Also an additional bonus, the lack of a high season among tourists.
  • End of spring and early summer. In such a period as the end of May – the beginning of June. Not very hot, but not cold. The sun pleasantly warms. The average daily temperature of 18-20 °C This season is most comfortable for long excursions.
  • Mid summer. The hottest months are July and August. The daytime temperature can reach 33 °C. A short shower can pass, which perfectly knocks down the city heat and gives a refreshing coolness.
  • Autumn season. It starts to get a bit cooler and in the beginning of September the temperature in the daytime is generally not higher than 23 °С. In the middle of the Russians weather gives a gift and comes for a couple of weeks a wave of warm air – “Indian Summer” (in Russia is called “Women’s Summer“). Closer by October and at the beginning of the month, the average temperature fluctuates around 10-12 °C. During this period, the bulk of guests leave the country and you can safely enjoy the beautiful sights and golden foliage of trees.
  • Winter months. The coldest period is at the end of January – beginning of February. The average temperature is minus 10-18 °C. The rest of the time, the temperature is quite moderate, which promotes outdoor activities and cozy in warm rooms.


  • Travelling clothes must be comfortable. Please, take clothes you put on for walking and outdoor activities with you.
  • Insurance
  • Individual medicines in the presence of chronic diseases
  • Cash (for souvenirs, meals and entertainments).
Full sightseeing tour of Moscow by car
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