Camp Snow Leopard is situated in the taiga in highland district of Khakassia, 1250 m above the sea level in picturesque and ecologically clean cedar forests and alpine meadows. Speciality of the camp are various dishes of Russian cuisine and Russian bathes on the bank of mountain river.
During the Siberian tour, the guests will be accommodated in wooden houses for 1-2 people with a bio-toilet and washstand. There are single, double or bunk beds. Furnace heating. Please note that the camp is located deep in the taiga, electricity from the generator, so the houses are no outlets for personal use (to avoid overloading the network and fires).
There is also the main hall, upholstered furniture, fireplace, bar, billiards, a café, sports ground for playing volleyball. There is an outdoor shower as well as Russian banya (one visit free of charge for 2 nights stay).

Capacity: 46 people
Location: 120 km away from Abaza (Khakassia), on the bank of the mountain river Stocktysh, 720km away from Krasnoyarsk.

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