Guest house Derevenka 2* The hotel has cottages for the guests and one cottage with a kitchen, a dinning room, a bar and Russian bania (bath) with a very delicate odor of Baikal plants. You should try this but do not forget to complete the session with plunging into ice-cold Baikal water. You will be sure to feel as though you have been newly born.
The cottages for guests differ in sizes depending on the number of people there are to be accommodated. The cottages are constructed in traditional Russian style. Each cottage has the name of one of most famous Baikal winds like Angara, Barguzin, Gorny, Kultuk, Sarma, Selenga and Shelonnik.
The territory of hotel is covered with WiFi for Internet access.

Capacity: 7 cottages
Location: 70 meters from Lake Baikal
Address: Irkutsk region, Listvjanka village, Gornaya str., 1

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