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Russian Federation   •   Capital: Moscow   •   Population: 146 804 372 inhabitants   •   Area: 17 125 191  km2

Perhaps Russia is one of the most misunderstood countries in the world and this is not surprising, because in the last century Winston Churchill claimed: “I can not predict the actions of Russia. It’s a puzzle wrapped in mystery wrapped in a riddle. ” But not only for the great people of international politics, it is difficult to understand Russia, but even for the Russians themselves it is sometimes difficult to understand Russians, as one great Russian poet and 19th century diplomat said: “Russia cannot be understood with the mind alone …” – Fedor Tyutchev.

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1. Russia is the largest country in the world, which is slightly less than the continent of South America. But only by area, the area is 17 125 191 km ². The length from south to north is about 4,500 km, and from west to east about 10,000 km. With this population, the figure is less than 147 million people, and Russia occupies the 9th place with this indicator. This means that there are 8 people per km². But you will see such a picture only in the regions that are beyond the Ural mountains in the Asian part of Russia. As part of Russia, 85 subjects of federations (provinces) is why the country is called the Russian Federation.

2. Russia is a multinational country. Russians believe that the true wealth of the country is connected with its multinational people. The importance of this fact is reflected in the Russian Constitution. In total, more than 200 nationalities (ethnic groups) live in Russia, professing different religions and teachings, and speaking more than 100 languages ​​and dialects. The unification of peoples was born about 600 years ago and the history of Russia is inextricably linked with brotherly unity. One of the main factors that served as the cohesion of different ethnic groups – these are wars of different eras, which usually took place on the territory of Russia. From here the expression appeared: “Russians do not abandon their own.”

3. Russia occupies the first place in the world in the temperature difference of 116.6 °C. The highest temperature is fixed at +45.4 °C in Kalmykia, and the lowest temperature is -71.2 °C in Yakutia in the coldest inhabited locality in the world Oymyakon “pole of cold”. At the same time in Russia there are 4 climatic zones : subtropical, temperate, subarctic and Arctic. Almost 65% of the territory of Russia is occupied by permafrost (part of Siberia and part of the Far East). Yes, in most of Russia in winter for an unadapted person it will be cold, but very few people know that in Russia the most developed system of heating, therefore in houses it is always warm. And for people from the cold part of the country there are paid holidays for the seaside for 42 days with payment for the flight and accommodation.

4. Russia occupies the second place in the area of ​​forests, after the Amazons. About 45% of the country’s territory, which is located in Siberia, is occupied by forest. And the second place is in the world’s reserves of fresh water, after Brazil. The largest freshwater reservoir of the planet is Lake Baikal and the deepest one. If you add all the great lakes of Canada and the United States, then there will be much more water on Lake Baikal.

5. Russia is one of the most educated countries, approximately 99.8% of the population is educated. Almost every Russian can support you with a conversation about science, high art and literature, but even in the cultural capital of Russia – in St. Petersburg, a Russian person will never miss the opportunity, if appropriate, to express himself firmly in Old Russian slang.

6. Russia is the world leader in the number of museums included in the list of the largest museums in the world. The total number of museums in Russia is 2027, in which exhibits are undeniably valuable for world heritage.

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