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01: On the 8 th of August in 1959 a large stone was thrown in the water. There was an inscription on this stone which said “Yenisei, surrender to us!” That was the day when the left bank foundation trench began to be built.

02: Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station takes the second place among all hydroelectric power stations in Russia. Its power is 6000 megawatt. The new technology of high concrete dams’ construction, temperature regulation of a dam, blocking a big river during severe winter and many other innovations of Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station allowed to build a safe construction which has become the energetic heart of Siberia.

03: The legendary construction consists of a gravitational concrete dam (length – 1000 m, height – 125 m) including a left bank dam, an overflow dam, a watching post and a right bank dam. In 1982 the hydroelectric power station was equipped with a ship lifter with an outer harbor and a low channel.

04: The dam has formed the Krasnoyarsk water basin. The area of a surface mirror is 2000 square kilometers.

05: In 1956 Divnogorsk town was built on the bank of Yenisei river as a town of the dam’s constructors.

06: The dams are usually built for centuries. They cannot be destroyed or used for other purposes. But dams are similar to living organisms, they are prone to ageing and diseases caused by global environment changes. The Krasnoyarsk dam has already been used for 40 years. Every year the time for its condition check increases.

07: In 1976 the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station was awarded by the order of the Labor red flag for success in using unique equipment and achieving project power.

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