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It has become a good tradition for the guests of Krasnoyarsk to start exploring the city from the chapel of a Saint martyr Praskeva Pyatnitsa. The chapel is situated on a watch hill where you can enjoy a picturesque panorama of the city. Originally the chapel was a watch-tower built by Cossacks in XVII-XVIII centuries. It was restored several times. One of the buildings can be seen on a banknote of 10 rubles.

The chapel of Praskeva Pyatnitsa has become the symbol of Krasnoyarsk. In 1865 it was built from the stone for the first time according to the project of a local architect Yakov Alfeev. The chapel’s predecessor was a wooden chapel with icons on the walls. The icons were kept in Voskresensky cathedral beginning from 1825.

The chapel of 1842 can be seen on a painting of a French exile Aliber which is called “The view of Krasnoyarsk”.

Nowadays the chapel is protected by the Church and has a religious meaning. Church services are regularly held there, there are burning candles and icon-lamps inside, and the walls are decorated by frescos. There is a painting of Praskeva Pyatnitsa on the south-eastern wall of the chapel. This icon is honored on the 28 th of October.

There is a cannon of 1938 installed not far from the chapel. Everyday it shoots exactly at midday.

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