Attractions & Activities Republic of Khakassia Shaman's ritual "Kamlaniye"


01: Shaman’s kamlaniye is communication with spirits, a real magic ritual near the fire accompanied by drum beating and slow sounds. Kamlaniye usually has different meaning for everyone. Somebody will consider it as a ritual of purifying; others will meditate or just will make a wish. It will come true. The main purpose of this ritual is to heal people. Other purposes are connected with failures, loss of cattle, fortune-telling etc. Shamans are very determined people. They won’t carry out this ritual and disturb spirits without any special purpose.

02: The ritual of kamlaniye is usually carried out according to the following scheme: purifying – calling for spirits – searching for a disease’s reason – banishment of the evil spirit – telling the results of the ritual or fortune-telling – leaving of the shaman.

03: Traditionally the ritual is carried out at night or during several nights in a yurt near the fireplace or on a sacred place. The shaman beats he drum and emits sounds imitating a crow or a cuckoo. Then he seats near the fire, slowly beats the drum and talks to his supporting spirits. Finally he banishes evil spirits or says that the situation is hopeless. Then he gives gifts to supporting spirits.

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