Attractions & Activities Republic of Tuva Buddhist temple Cechenling


A new temple worked out by Fan Chen Ir architect quickly became one of the main sightseeing places in Kyzyl. It was built in a very short period of time. On the 17 th of February the president of Tuva laid the first stone of the temple and in October 1999 it was consecrated by Bogdo-Gegen IX. A great contribution to the temple’s construction was made by different sponsors, including “Vodokanal” staff who did some work for free and Sergey Shoigu who donated 15 000 dollars. There is a residence of Dalai-Lama XIV representatives on the first floor. A beautiful marble stair leads to the second floor where a pray hall, an altar, pictures of Buddha and Dalai-Lama XIV are situated. The temple harmoniously combines orient architecture traditions and modern construction technologies.

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